Aquarium Drunkard: Deepstream (as opposed to mainstream) music of all sorts. Samples, interviews, reviews.

Dozier Bell: A powerful contemporary painter.

Megan Craig: An expansive artist and philosopher excelling in multiple media.

NONsite: Polemically charged, on-line journal of art and politics.


Emerson Central: Great resource for texts by and discussions of Emerson. Another great resource for texts by Emerson.

Ralph Waldo Emerson Society: Vibrant society of scholars working on and with Emerson.


Academy of American Poets: A rich site of poems, recording, and poetry news.


Merit Institute P.C. A form of psychotherapy designed for people in the process of recovery from schizophrenia and other forms of severe mental illness. Developed by Paul Lysaker, with whom I have co-written a book and several papers, including some elaborating this form of psychotherapy.